Atoms & Bits Hackathon

Atoms & Bits

MAKE SCHOOL 555 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94102
NOVEMBER 16-17 2019

World's First Business Conscious Hackathon

We are excited to present the first iteration of Atoms & Bits! Our event is a Bay-Area hackathon where students from all over California come to code and create a software-based startup in 24 hours. We provide a welcoming opportunity for students to not only learn about computer science but also understand the business aspect of launching a company. Don't forget about the free swag, meals, and inspirational workshops for all attendees!

We want to create a supportive and safe environment for all students.

Please view our Code of Conduct


Atoms & Bits is an all-inclusive hackathon!

Who can attend?
Atoms & Bits is open to all high school students, but we welcome everyone to apply to become a mentor!

Why should I attend?
Atoms & Bits provides the perfect opportunity to grow as a coder while having a fun time with friends. It will be a unique experience to improve your maker skills, meet new people, and receive free T-shirts, coding stickers, and other swag. Our hackathon also provides $$$ worth of prizes from sponsors.

What Should I Bring?
Since Atoms & Bits is an overnight event, make sure to bring a sleeping bag/blanket and toiletries in addition to your computer. We provide free perks, but you can also bring any accessorioes that you might want while working such as headphones, chargers, hardware, etc.

How do Teams Work?
Teams may range from 1 to 4 people. We also have a team bonding event to help you form a team.

Do I Need Coding Experience?
Definitely not! We have many workshops led by experts to help introduce you to the field of computer science. Even if you don't feel like coding, there are still so many things you can do! Don' worry; we have mentors and coding resources to help you get started!

How Much Does it Cost?
Atoms & Bits is completely free!


November 16 11:00 AM-12:30 PM Check-In & Lunch
November 16 12PM - 1PM Kickoff & Opening Keynotes - Jeremy Rossmann
November 16 1 PM Start coding!
November 16 3:30 PM WORKSHOP: How to land a tech internship/career - Jeremy Rossman
November 16 6 PM WORKSHOP: IOS/Android App Development
November 16 7 PM Dinner
November 16 9 PM WORKSHOP: Web Development - Backend and Frontend
November 16 10 PM WORKSHOP: Business Report/How to Launch a Startup
November 17 12 AM Midnight Snack!
November 17 7 AM Breakfast
November 17 8:30 AM Project Submissions Due!
November 17 9 AM Judges Arrive
November 17 9:30 AM Presentations start!
November 17 12 PM Awards & Closing Ceremony


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